M1 Monday: Jealous Ones Still Envy

I have been sharing my investing progress on the M1 app since May 17, 2021. In addition to giving you a weekly summary of my portfolio transactions, today I wanted to talk about the making of my M1 portfolio.

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I signed up for the M1 app in March of 2018 after opening up my RobinHood account, my Stash finance app, and my Acorns account. I planned to try all four apps and report my findings back to the Facebook investing group that I had created a year earlier.

Since the M1 app, it was my fourth brokerage app and I loved acronyms, I decided to name my M1 portfolio Jose after Rap artist Fat Joe’s 4 fourth studio album, Jealous Ones Still Envy. I wouldn’t consider myself a Fat Joe fan but I suck at naming things and if we’re being honest, JOSE was a pretty decent album.

As mentioned in last week’s post, the J.O.S.E. Portfolio is made up of four mini portfolios that I named: 1.) Raging Bull, 2.) Income Every Day, 3.) Top Shotta, and 4) the Flavors of the day.

The Raging Bull mini-portfolio was designed as a long-term portfolio that is made up of stocks that I have researched and am very passionate about. The Raging Bull portfolio represents 25% of the Jose portfolio and currently has a dividend yield of 2.80%. This is a “never sell portfolio”.

Despite being something of a film buff, The Raging Bull mini-portfolio was NOT named after Martin Scorsese’s film. I settled on the name Raging Bull because I was very bullish on the 19 stocks that I placed in this portfolio. All 19 stocks were handpicked from my watchlist with the expectation that they’d continue to perform as well in 2018 as they did in 2017.

The Top Shotta Mini-portfolio is a random collection of 42 stocks that had low debt and or high cash reserves. This mini-portfolio was created because at the time we were only 10 years past the financial crisis and knew that the bear market wouldn’t last forever. In the event of a crash or recession, I wanted to make sure that the companies in this portfolio wouldn’t be dragged down due to their debt.

I also wanted to make sure that the companies that I invested in had lots of cash on hand so that they could expand without relying on debt or even merge and acquire distressed businesses. The Top Shotta portfolio has a current dividend yield of 0.61% and was named after the 2002 Jamaican crime-drama, Shottas.

The Income Everyday mini-portfolio is a dividend-focused portfolio that contains 38 stocks. The portfolio was created to hold stocks with a minimum dividend of 3%; however, due to COVID-related dividend cuts, the portfolio currently yields only 2.53%.

The Flavors of the Day was the last of the 4 mini-portfolios that I created within the M1 app, it contains seven ETF’s, all of which were chosen to bring an element of stability and diversification to the J.O.S.E. M1 portfolio. This mini-portfolio currently has an expense ratio of 0.39% and a dividend yield of 1.36%.

I’m not too fond of the current expense ratio, but since the holdings only represent 25% of my M1 holdings, it’s not a major concern of mine so long as the ETF’s are keeping my other holdings in balance. I named this portfolio “Flavors of the Day” because unlike the previous 3 mini-portfolios, the Flavors portfolio was created using ETFs so that its holdings can be easily substituted or swapped whenever market conditions required me to switch strategies.

M1 Transactions: 1/3/22 to 1/10/22

Morning Trading – Jan 10, 2022

86 Excluded, Buy count: 1

ABMD Abiomed Inc.

Total value: $1.13

Dividends issued: Jan 7, 2022

+$0.02 CB Chubb Limited

+$0,01 SEIC SEI Investments Co.

+$0,02 PEP PepsiCo inc

+$0.03 FF International Flavors & Fragrances

+$0.01 DRIV Global X Autonomous.

+$0.01 DRIV Global X Autonomous.

Morning TradingJan 6, 2022
88 Excluded, Buy count: 2

TYLTyler Technologles, Inc.

BX Blackstone inc

Total value: $2.08

Morning TradingJan 4, 2022
94 Excluded, Buy count: 1

TYLTyler Technologles, Inc.

BX Blackstone inc

Total value: $2.08

GSK GlaxoSmithKline pic – ADR

Total value: $1.06

Dividends issued: Jan 5, 2022

+$0.01 ACWI iShares MSCI ACWI ETF

+$0.04 EZU Shares MSCI Eurozone

Dividends issued: Jan 4, 2022

+$0.02 KMB Kimberly-Clark Corp.

+0.02 AD Automatic Data Processing

Morning TradingJan 3, 2022
94 Excluded, Buy count: 1

ADP Automatic Data Processing Inc.

Total value: +$0.02

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