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M1 Monday: A New Beginning

I have been sharing my investing progress on the M1 app since May 17, 2021. M1 is a brokerage app that allows its users to create their own personal collection of stocks called “pies”. My M1 portfolio is named J.O.S.E. and consists of four pies that I named: 1.) Raging Bull, 2.) Income Every Day, 3.) Top Shotta, and 4) Flavors of the Day. I’ll explain those wonky names as well as the composition of each in another post. M1 is a beginner-friendly app that allows its users to easily automate both their investments and automatic deposits via scheduled bank…

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Extreme Dollar Cost Averaging!

This blog post was originally posted on the Public app on 9/22/21. Click here to view follow me on Public.com. A Little Goes a Long Way?A little does go a long way, I’m all for a quick buck but in the stock market, little amounts tend to go very far over time. Dollar-cost averaging is the practice of investing on a set schedule (daily, weekly, monthly), or investing a set amount of dollars or shares. It works because when you combine a set investment schedule with a steady investment amount, you maximize your chances of getting the best stock price…

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No Cap

Did you peep the double entendre? The phrase “No Cap” is slang for “I’m not lying or exaggerating”, HOWEVER, when discussing stocks the word Cap is a reference to Market Capitalization or Market Cap.
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Navigating Stock Market Investments: Lessons from the World of Boats

Investing in the stock market can be likened to navigating a diverse fleet of boats. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, the market’s movements affect different stocks in unique ways. Join me as we explore this analogy, from luxury yachts to agile speedboats, and discover how it can guide your investment strategies.
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A Perfect Storm: Semiconductors, ICE’s and EV’s

The global chip shortage describes the current lack of computer chips which was indirectly caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The simplest explanation for the chip shortage is supply and demand. Chip supply As of 2019 Chip supplies, which were already stretched thin due to the China-US trade war saw further decline As Chinese companies, began stockpiling computer chips in anticipation of the forecasted global shortage. The existing chip shortage was further exacerbated by an unforeseen winter storm in Texas and a fire in Japan.  In February of 2021, 3 million homes were left without power as a cold front swept…

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Take the Money, Never Have to Run

Click here to view follow me on Pulic.com. Many investors joke that the first rule of investing is “don’t lose money”. Will Rogers famously said, “It is not the return on my investment that I am concerned about; it’s the return of my investment”. Those are two of my favorite investing jokes, probably because they both address the same topic, which is protecting your initial investment, and both have the same punchline. Everyone always gets worried about what stock to buy or what stock to buy next, but in all of my experience with trading stock, my biggest problem has…

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