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The DCA Army

Wealth building is all about putting your money to work and my dollar army is working very hard for me. Each dollar that I invest has the potential to earn money in two different ways, stock gains and dividends, every dollar in my brokerage account has the potential to grow faster than any money that’s sitting inside of my bank account.
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A Perfect Storm: Semiconductors, ICE’s and EV’s

The global chip shortage describes the current lack of computer chips which was indirectly caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The simplest explanation for the chip shortage is supply and demand. Chip supply As of 2019 Chip supplies, which were already stretched thin due to the China-US trade war saw further decline As Chinese companies, began stockpiling computer chips in anticipation of the forecasted global shortage. The existing chip shortage was further exacerbated by an unforeseen winter storm in Texas and a fire in Japan.  In February of 2021, 3 million homes were left without power as a cold front swept…

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Stock Buybacks and CEO Rewards

Most workers trade their time for money, commonly referred to as an hourly wage. CEOs and other highly paid individuals who bring wealth to their organizations through decision making, leadership, or long unorthodox work schedules can’t be properly compensated on a per hour basis. Instead of paying them outrageous wages that would be highly taxed, these high earners are instead compensated with (stock) ownership in the company.  Since CEO’s are paid mostly through stock instead of wages or salary, they are essentially rewarded for their leadership and decision making every time the company stock price increases. Contrary to the buy…

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Take the Money, Never Have to Run

Click here to view follow me on Pulic.com. Many investors joke that the first rule of investing is “don’t lose money”. Will Rogers famously said, “It is not the return on my investment that I am concerned about; it’s the return of my investment”. Those are two of my favorite investing jokes, probably because they both address the same topic, which is protecting your initial investment, and both have the same punchline. Everyone always gets worried about what stock to buy or what stock to buy next, but in all of my experience with trading stock, my biggest problem has…

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Why I Call the S&P 500 a Parking Lot

Back in the good ole days when interest rates were high, I generally chose to keep my uninvested cash in a money market account or a high-interest savings account. This would keep my uninvested cash “working for me” by stashing it away in a low-risk banking product or debt security. Compared to keeping my money in the stock market, these accounts produced a worry-free, predictably safe return.
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